Textual Analysis

Reading Between the Lines

A Student Help Book

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Contents and Sample Section: see the foot of the page.

'Reading Beween the Lines'

This 273-page resource is designed to support senior students and their teachers working together towards final examinations in English courses with a Language rather than a Literature weighting - in particular IB (but also AP and GCE A Level, and a range of other assessment systems). 

No matter what English course students are following, close textual analysis will underpin their work in all areas of literature and language study. The tools students acquire as they move through Reading Between the Lines will be of great value to them as they read, even swiftly and widely, in preparation for the complete range of assessments lying ahead of them.

The principal focus of the resource, however, is on providing help to students and teachers working towards a final written exam in which they will be asked to produce a textual or rhetorical analysis of a piece of writing (probably non-literary) they have not seen before.

With that in mind we have developed an analytical framework based on the requirements of all three examination systems listed above. We have selected passages, both as ‘worked examples’ and for further practice, from a wide variety of text types, and have included some from past IB, AP and A Level papers.

Students can safely be allowed to work through the resource by themselves, in whole or in part, but there is much opportunity within it for paired, group and whole-class discussion.

Students working from a print copy of the resource will be able to enter their responses in the working spaces (or in a separate workbook) by hand. Those working on-screen will be able to add them by means of either a text tool or sticky notes, depending on what pdf programme they have used to access the file.


This resource will give you a clear structure within which you can organise your textual analysis teaching. It provides more than two years’ worth of what amount to one-lesson teaching units, and you could if you wished teach straight from the book for part of, or indeed throughout, that time. It will also serve as a major resource for students who want to do independent study, beyond what you yourself have time to offer in class.

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How Reading Between the Lines will help you

If you are an International Baccalaureate student, the Help Book will be invaluable to you as you prepare for the important Textual Analysis part of the final Language and Literature exam, at either Standard or Higher Level. It makes use of passages from past IB exams, and will allow you to develop and practise your commentary skills across many different text types.

If you are preparing for the Advanced Placement Language and Literature examination the study guide will help you develop the skills of close reading and rhetorical analysis in preparation for both the Multiple-Choice and Free-Response parts of the final exam.

If you are a GCE A Level student the resource will give you structured practice in writing commentaries on passages (either singly or in pairs) you may or may not have seen before. It will help you with your course work and also in your preparations for the written exam.


If you are an undergraduate student or a general reader you will find that the book looks at a wide variety of engaging writing, both literary and non-literary, in a refreshingly different way, and will lead you to new insights into how writing 'works'.

                                CONTENTS AND SAMPLE SECTION: SEE BELOW 


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