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Paka Mdogo

Little Cat

ISBN 978-0-9563236-0-6

Paka Mdogo - Little Cat (Novel Study Pack) : US$30

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A WordSmith Distance Learning Novel Study Pack: Paka Mdogo (Little Cat)

Given the restrictions likely to be imposed on schools for the foreseeable future, we have decided to make the first book in the series available in downloadable Word format, together with engaging literature and literacy activities sufficient to cover a whole term or semester. The resource is formatted so that students can read a page, answer a question or questions about it, then consult suggested responses on the following page, thereby going through an invaluable process of self-assessment - learning as they go. They will be able to do so either in class or at home, with teacher guidance as appropriate.

More importantly, if you choose to purchase the .pdf edition of resource through the highly regarded Teachers Pay Teachers website, you and your students will be able to use it interactively and online through Google Classroom –  you can send it to them chapter-by-chapter, receive their answers, evaluate their performance, and give them ongoing support…all from a distance if necessary. We have pre-edited the .pdf version for that purpose, by adding expandable Answer Boxes on each ‘question’ page but you will be able to modify it further to meet your own particular needs.

Novel Study Pack Contents:

o        The richly illustrated text of the whole novel

o        An extensive range of challenging questions and study tasks, delivered page-by-page, designed to take young readers right into the story (and beyond it) as they read

o        Brief introduction to Sheena (aka Paka Mdogo), the book's captivating central character

o        The book's front cover (showing a dramatic moment from the heart of the narrative)

o        A detailed map of the Game Park in which the story takes place, helping students follow Sheena's journey to save Amy and Thomas from Nyanya, the starving lion bent on eating them

o        The book's back cover (allowing a vivid verbal and visual glimpse of the challenges Sheena will face and the fascinating animals she will encounter as she meets them)

o        The book's Contents pages, with a thumbnail illustration from each chapter

o        A Story Summary (allowing the resource to be used selectively, if time constraints make that necessary)

o        Teacher Notes (to help you make the most of what the resource offers)

o        The overview 'Sheena the PYP Cat' (giving specific support to teachers and students working within the International Baccalaureate PYP Programme)

o        QuickStart Guide (to help you get things under way speedily)


Here is a link to a substantial preview (a full chapter-based unit, in Word) which includes all of the above except the complete text of the novel. Please use it to help you decide if and how well the resource would work for you and your students. Click on the image: 

Purchase of the Word edition through this website: 

Here is a purchase link for the Word edition of the complete pack:  Add to Basket

The price as below includes the full text of the 190-page book (currently on sale in paperback for a cover price of £5.99). Your purchase will allow you to share all 17 of the chapter-based units with a class of up to 30 students, so this represents an enormous saving on the cost of a class set of the print edition.

n.b. The complete resource has a base price of US$30 (approximately £22.50), and if you choose to pay by credit card you will be billed for that $ amount, but PayPal (or your credit card provider) will convert it to the sterling equivalent at the rate on the day. If you opt to pay by bank transfer we will invoice you in pounds sterling and the payment will be made to our UK bank in that same currency, so no exchange will be necessary. (And don't worry - the US$ pricing is for logistical reasons only, since our market is global: the story, its spelling, and particularly its humour, are very 'British'...).

Purchase of the interactive .pdf edition through Teachers Pay Teachers:

Click on the link…or copy and paste it into your Address box.

You will need to register with Teachers Pay Teachers (at no cost) before you can make the purchase, but that’s well worth doing anyway. The slightly greater price (US$40 - approximately £30) reflects the edition’s additional interactive function.


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