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Mpole is a 12-year-old African elephant who has been forced to leave the herd. He must now prove himself by passing The Seven Tests (Mitihani Saba) so that he can become Accepted as a young male. 
Mpole’s problem, however, is that he does things gradually…and that includes thinking. How can he possibly succeed?  
With the help of Sheena, perhaps – the clever (and cheeky) little black-and-white cat who has sneaked back to Baragandiri National Park with the Allen family on their second visit there. 
But a test much bigger than Mitihani Saba awaits them…

“This animal adventure story has appeal for readers of all ages and works at many different levels. It is fast paced, exciting, serious and at the same time humorous. It is a very entertaining and rewarding read. I highly recommend this book.” Reviews

A welcome addition to a tremendous series.”  Nebraska Icebergs Reviews

"Exceptionally detailed (130+ pages) lesson plans covering every aspect of this story."  TES Australia Primary Team
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Themes and Topics
o Families, and how family members interact
o How societies organise themselves
o Adventure and risk-taking
o Animal (and human) nature
o How things work
o Personal and group identity
o Friendship and gratitude
o Humour
o Promises
o How we think
o Tests and challenges
o Belonging
o Competitions and rules
o Becoming whatever we want to be
o Peer pressure
o Prejudice and individual differences
o Wisdom
o Animals and people in competition with each other
o Death and dying

Cross-curricular teaching ideas

Additional suggestions for work across a range of curricular areas can be found on the Teaching Library website. Click here.


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Chapter One
Page 2
Chapter Ten
Page 141
Chapter Two
Page 13
Chapter Eleven
Page 153
Chapter Three
Page 25
Chapter Twelve
Page 165
Chapter Three
Page 29
Chapter Thirteen
Page 171
Chapter Four
Page 36
Chapter Fourteen
Page 179
Chapter Four
Page 47
Chapter Fourteen
Page 181
Chapter Four
Page 50
Chapter Fifteen
Page 189
Chapter Five
Page 60
Chapter Sixteen
Page 195
Chapter Five
Page 64
Chapter Seventeen
Page 200
Chapter Six
Page 78
Chapter Seventeen
Page 204
Chapter Six
Page 81
Chapter Eighteen
Page 206
Chapter Seven
Page 89
Chapter Eighteen
Page 210
Chapter Eight
Page 109
Chapter Nineteen
Page 214
Chapter Eight
Page 116
Chapter Twenty
Page 215
Chapter Eight
Page 118
Baragandiri Map
Chapter Nine
Page 124
Sheena Portrait
Chapter Nine
Page 134


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