Teachers and students worldwide are using the as part of their preparations for external exams. Here are some of the things teachers and others have said about the books so far published (they are quoted with their permission)...

Writing Unseen Commentaries: A Student Help Book

'Through Writing Unseen Commentaries, I have improved my writing, essay structure and my analytical precision...I would like to thank you all (however many of you there may be) for such a great resource.' Nick S, Hong Kong (Student)

'I really do think it's useful and beautifully structured.' Annie Andrews, Jakarta International School

'I purchased a copy for our IB English teachers and they think it is a wonderful resource.' IB English A1 Forum, IBO Online Curriculum Centre.

'...extremely useful...I would like our students in Year 12 to purchase it.' Julie Burrows, Sha Tin College, Hong Kong

''I would just like to thank you for your Unseen Commentaries book which is so useful for English A students. There are the Cambridge and Oxford Companions - as well as Pearson and possibly others - but your resource gives such a systematic coverage with such practical help for students and teachers alike.' ' Charles W. Berry, Meridien International School, Warsaw

Othello: A Study Commentary

'Your commentary and adaptation for AP/IB is both useful and highly insightful; I really have seen nothing else in other study guides of this quality!' George Collins, Texas, US

Macbeth: A Study Commentary

'Thought your notes on Macbeth really - to use that hackneyed word - brilliant.' Simone Brincat, Verdala International School, Malta

Hamlet: A Study Commentary

'I have been very pleased with the Hamlet study commentary. I was dropped into a substituting situation for two weeks where the students were working on Hamlet...and the practical tips and analysis provided in the commentary were extremely helpful.' Ann King, Lycée de Sèvres, France

'It goes without saying, I'm quite excited to acquire the Othello teacher's study guide. I have seen the Hamlet version, and it's thorough to a fault - nothing I have seen anywhere comes close to that level of analysis. To whomever has done the painstaking work to put such documents together: bravo!' Katherine Kells, Dorenweerd College

King Lear: A Study Commentary

'This is a fantastic resource. In fact, I bet I could just stand in front of the classroom and read from it, give the essays and ask the questions and I'd have a phenomenal series of lessons. How do you manage to do such terrific work each time?' Brenda Mirsky, Stella K. Abraham High School, Hewlett,

Chaucer's General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales: A Workbook Edition

'I think the workbook for Canterbury Tales is amazing and I'm so thankful that you've published it.' Brenda Mirsky, Stella K. Abraham High School, Hewlett

Jane Austen's Persuasion: A Workbook Edition

'Nothing yet - it's new.' WordSmith

The WordSmith Prompts:

'These prompts are a terrific tool for generating class discussions, creating short answer exams, or longer essay assignments. I have purchased a number of them and am impressed with each one.' Brenda Mirsky, Stella K. Abraham High School, NY

''I LOVE these prompts! Please keep me on your mailing list, as I really enjoy everything you folks have to offer! I teach 5 IB English HL1 classes and your prompts are fabulous!' ' Bettyrae Easley, Ph.D., La Quinta High School, CA

Reading Between the Lines: A Student Help Book

''Nothing yet - it's very new.'' WordSmith


'I've been impressed by everything related to your company; the customer service and the product are exceptional. Thanks again!' Sunshine Weber, Livonia Franklin High School

The Delivery Process

'Just want to say that the teachers have been finding your resources very useful and appreciate the quickness of receiving the items. Since they are sent via e-mail in pdf format I am able to provide the items quickly to teachers. Please keep me informed of any new resources coming out. ' Darlene Romao, Old Scona Academic School, Canada

The Purchasing Process

'Yes, the process went smoothly; very convenient and quick.' Jane Reilly, MLC School, Sydney

A Student Comment

'I found these guides to be very useful in providing me with interesting interpretations of 'Macbeth' and 'Hamlet'. Each one poses unique, thought-provoking questions.' David, Upper Canada College, Toronto

The Othello and Macbeth Commentaries

'Outstanding.' Susan Smith, Campbell High School, Smyrna, US

Site Licence

'I have used the WordSmith site licence extensively in the delivery and the revision of my Diploma courses, and have experienced excellent returns. The nature of the licence, and of the texts themselves, is such that together they provide the flexibility of working individually, in whole groups or in small groups, depending on the nature of the task.' Damien Kerrigan, HOD English, The International School

Advanced Placement

'Thank you so much for helping make the life of an AP teacher a little easier.' Rebecca Harp, Sanger High School, California

Macbeth and Writing Unseen Commentaries

'The guides we have bought are excellent - many thanks! We would now like to order the one on Othello.' Brenda Cox, International School, Hilversum

International Baccalaureate

'I have found your works invaluable. In this last testing cycle, 17 out of 17 IB diplomas were awarded and 65 of the 67 students in my IB senior English class were passed with a score of four or above. We have two sevens and four sixes. I honestly believe that your guides were one of the reasons that I was able to prepare my students for these grueling exams.' (Teacher and school names supplied.)

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