If you have encountered a problem, print this page out for reference while you are trying to solve it.


If your purchase is not added to your shopping basket when you click on the 'Add to Basket' link:

1. Try clicking the link again.

2. If that does not work, try adding a different book to your basket. When you have been successful, repeat your original purchase, then remove the book you do not want from the basket and proceed to checkout.

Apologies for this - it has to do with the settings on particular computers. We're working to improve the process.


A problem sometimes occurs with PayPal when a credit card is being used a long way from its billing address, or when repeat purchases are attempted in quick succession.

Your alternatives are to:

1.   Ask someone with a locally registered credit card to make the purchase and send you the download URL they receive.

2.   Ask someone overseas (and with a card registered there) to make the purchase for you and send you the download URL.

3.   Use our cheque/bank transfer options. Neither of those will slow things down too much.

4.   (If you experience difficulties with repeat credit card purchases): Wait a day or so and try again.


1.   Check that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If not you can download it (free) from

2.   Follow the instructions on the Download page (accessible from the link you were sent via email). The guide should automatically download in about a minute (download/save times will vary according to the speed of your connection and the busy-ness of the Web). Leave your computer alone while that's happening.

3.   The book may not open immediately in its own window, but a button will show instead on the task bar at the foot of the page. If you click on the button the book will then open fully.

4.   With the book open on your computer, click on the floppy disc Save icon. (If you are not able to do that, try using the File > Save command.)

5.   A dialogue box headed 'Save a copy' will appear.

6.   In 'Save in' specify a folder to save into (in My Documents).

7.   In 'Object name' give the file a name.

8.   In 'Save as type' make sure you are saving as 'Adobe PDF files'.

9.  Click 'Save'. Saving may take several minutes. Don't do anything else on your computer in the meanwhile.


We advise you not to print straight from the temporary file that opens initially on your computer: save the file first (as detailed above).

Assuming you've done that:

1.  Open Adobe Acrobat.

2.  Open the file.

3.  Go to File > Print.

4.  Set up your printer as you want it to run. Draft quality should be fine (anything else would take a long time). Print in colour if you can, but black and white will produce a perfectly useable copy. Printing odd numbered pages first then even numbers on the reverse side will save paper - but it's easy to get in a muddle.

5. The document will print in Letter format, but that will be no problem even if your printer is set up for A4 and you have A4 paper loaded (you'll end up with a larger bottom margin, that's all).

6.  Print a few pages as a test.

FURTHER HELP: wordsmith@clix,pt


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